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Diverse layered sedimentary rock units and interbedded, filled, and formerly-buried impact craters in various states of exhumation in the Sinus Meridiani region are seen in this sub-frame of Mars Odyssey THEMIS VIS image V02459003, located near 2.4°N, 1.1°W.
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The sedimentary rocks of Sinus Meridiani: Five key observations from data acquired by the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey orbiters

1Kenneth S. Edgett

1Malin Space Science Systems, P.O. Box 910148, San Diego, CA 92191-0148, USA

Mars 1, 5-58, 2005 | doi:10.1555/mars.2005.0002
Received July 18, 2005 | Accepted October 26, 2005 | Published November 2, 2005

The vast outcrops of sedimentary rocks exposed in the Sinus Meridiani region cover an area larger than the Colorado Plateau of North America and exhibit a greater diversity than seen by the Mars rover, Opportunity. More than 800 meters of stratigraphic section is seen in orbiter images, whereas the rover has explored less than 1% of this section.

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