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Comparison of three methods for atmospheric correction to OMEGA imagery.
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Algorithm development for Martian atmospheric correction and spatiotemporal variation study of atmospheric profiles

1,2Minqiang Zhu 1Hongjie Xie snd 1,3Huade Guan

1Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics, Department of Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at San Antonio, TX 78249 USA
2Research Center for GIS and RS, East China Institute of Technology, Fuzhou, Jianxi 344000 China
3School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, Flinders University, Adelaide 5001 Australia

Mars 5, 61-67, 2010 | doi:10.1555/mars.2010.0002
Received August 17, 2006 | Accepted January 19, 2009 | Published June 14, 2010

The described LLEE method only corrects prescribed atmospheric bands, thereby exactly preserving spectra other than the prescribed CO2 absorption bands. In addition to atmospheric correction, the LLEE algorithm can be used to study the temporal and spatial variation of the Martian atmospheric profile.

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