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CRISM observations covering the proposed Mawrth Vallis MSL landing ellipse reveal a mineralogical diversity in the area that was not previously realized.
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Aqueous mineralogy and stratigraphy at and around the proposed Mawrth Vallis MSL Landing Site: New insights into the aqueous history of the region

1Eldar Z. Noe Dobrea, 1Joseph Michalski and 2Gregg Swayze

1Planetary Science Institute, 1700 East Fort Lowell, Suite 106, Tucson, AZ 85719, USA
2United States Geological Survey, MS 964, Box 25046, Denver Federal Center, Denver, CO 80225, USA

Mars 6, 32-46, 2011 | doi:10.1555/mars.2011.0003
Submitted: January 11, 2011; Reviewed: February 16, 2011; Revised: June 1, 2011; Accepted: July 13, 2011; Published: December 29, 2011

In this work, we have confirmed the mineralogical stratigraphy previously inferred by other authors, but also demonstrate the presence of additional minerals, including a possible acid-leaching product near the top of the sequence, an Mh-OH bearing phyllosilicate at the to of the sequence, and potentially a Ca-sulfate at the bottom of the phyllosilicate sequence. The latter has important implications regarding the relative timing of sulfate vs clay formation on Mars.

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