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Alberto G. Fairén

SETI Institute & NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA

Areas of Expertise: Astrobiology, aqueous geochemistry, hydrogeology, geomorphology.

Alberto is a Research Scientist at the SETI Institute and the Space Science and Astrobiology Division at NASA Ames Research Center. He received his PhD in Molecular Biology and Astrobiology by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) in 2006, and he completed previously a MS in Genetics, at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

Recent publications:

Fairén, A. G., V. Chevrier, O. Abramov, G. A. Marzo, P. Gavin, A. F. Davila, J. L. Bishop, T. L. Roush, C. Gross, T. Kneissl, E. R. Uceda, J. M. Dohm., D. Schulze-Makuch, J. A. P. Rodriguez, R. Amils and C. P. McKay (2010). Noachian and more recent phyllosilicates in impact craters on Mars. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 107, 12095-12100.

Fairén, A. G. (2010). Refilling the oceans of early Mars. Nature Geoscience, 3, 452-453.

Fairén, A. G. (2010). A cold and wet Mars. Icarus, 208, 165-175.

Fairén, A. G., A. F. Davila, L. G. Duport, R. Amils, C. Mckay (2009). Stability against freezing of aqueous solutions on early Mars. Nature, 459, 401-404.

Fairén, A. G.; Fernández-Remolar, D.; Dohm, J. M.; Baker, V. R.; Amils, R. (2004). Inhibition of carbonate synthesis in acidic oceans on early Mars. Nature, 431, 423-426.