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Jeffrey Plescia

Applied Physics Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University
Laurel, MD, USA

Areas of Expertise: Mars geology, volcanism, tectonics, terrestrial impact craters, VNIR spectra of hydrothermal environments and hyperthermophiles

  • Associate Editor - Journal of Geophysical Research Planets
  • Member - Lunae Exploration Analysis Group
  • Chair - Fall AGU meeting

Recent publications:
Plescia, J. B. (2005) Gravity study of Kelly West Impact Structure, Western Australia. Submitted to Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

Plescia, J. B. (2003) Morphometry of martian volcanoes. Journal Geophysical Research, 109, E03003, doi:10.1029/2002JE002031.

Plescia, J. B. (2003) Tharsis Tholus: an unusual martian volcano. Icarus, 165, 223-241.

Plescia, J. B. (2003) Cerberus Fossae, Elysium, Mars: A source for lava and water. Icarus, 164, 79-95.

Plescia, J. B. (2000) Geology of the Uranius Group Constructs: Uranius Patera, Ceraunius Tholus, and Uranius Tholus. Icarus, 143, 376-396.